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Predatory Publishing: Investigate

Workshop about Predatory Publishing


  • Does the publisher address exist?
    • Is there a building there that could house a publisher's office?
  • Does the journal or publisher website have oddly stretched or pixilated images?
  • Does the website have spelling and grammar errors?
  • Did the journal email you requesting you publish with them?
    • Do you know of the journal?
  • How do you submit your article for consideration?
    • Is it a well-crafted form?
    • Are you supposed to send an email with the article attached?
  • Is there a way to contact the publisher?
    • Do they have a professional email address?
  • Is the publisher or journal on Beall's List?
  • If it doesn't seem right, chances are it isn't

"The Detective" by paurian is licensed under CC BY 2.0