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Plagiarism Reframe for Faculty

Politics of Citation

  • Refuse Neutrality
    • reframe lessons on plagiarism to emphasize the importance of proper credit and how this act empowers underrepresented scholars
  • Expose Disparity
    • Ask students to critically appraise how citation practices reinforce inequalities within the scholarly community
  • Challenge the Cannon
    • When we cite someone, we magnify their voice.  When we plagiarize, we erase their rightful place in the academy
    • Who do we continue to erase?
  • Education-Driven Instruction
    • Teach why attribution exists
    • Allow students to form opinions around citation
  • Emphasis on Labor Rights
    • Scholars are not paid for their work by publishers
    • Publishing is often a condition for tenure and promotion
    • Journals are paid for scholars' works
  • Interrogation of Power
    • Empower students in their decision-making, writing, and scholarship
    • "Once we know it, we can choose to discard it or use it, but you can't know if it has useful or destructive power until you have a handle on it." ~Audre Lorde "An interview: Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich" from Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches
      • The quote refers to grammar, but has wider application
  • Developing a Voice
    • After reading several articles, it can be hard to recognize your own voice
    • Citations support an argument
    • Citations indicate a well-informed writer