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Plagiarism Reframe for Faculty

Give Students a Why

  • It is much easier to cite when you understand the reason
  • Giving credit is about more than a citation style
  • Citation without context is a lesson in failure

Don't be Unnecessarily Punitive

  • Especially to new undergrads or nontraditional students
  • Many students have increased anxiety when writing papers because of lack of plagiarism understanding

Provide Training

  • Many students do not understand what constitutes plagiarism beyond copying and pasting
  • Library is creating modules on Information Ethics and Plagiarism
  • Provide writing and research skills lessons for those who need them
  • Promote good time management

Understand the Student

  • When a student plagiarizes, it is frequently unintentional; however, the student is labeled as dishonest or unethical
  • Different cultures have different understandings of plagiarism

Understand that Plagiarism is a Complex Issue