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Plagiarism Reframe for Faculty

Current Status

We tell students not to plagiarize and that they should cite sources.
We usually tell them at the beginning of the school year
  • We have no rapport or relationship with the students
The message becomes:
  • Cite because I said so
  • Cite your sources so you don't fail the assignment or course
  • Don't plagiarize so you don't get kicked out or school
Many institutions spend more money on plagiarism detection than diversity initiatives.

Plagiarism is a problem and we need to address it.

Why Students Plagiarize

According to Mbutho and Hutchings (2021), the following are possible reasons why students plagiarize:

  1. Discrepancies in the way plagiarism is taught
  2. Poor underlying or supporting skills
  3. Lack of institutional guidelines
  4. Lack of institutional support
  5. Lack of student effort/commitment