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EXSC 440: Research in Exercise Science: Searching by Concepts

Guide for EXSC 440 Class - Dr. Funkhouser

Searching by Concepts:

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of searching is deciding how to break the search down into logical and searchable concept groups. 

Some people like to use the PICO method:

P - patient, population, problem, or presentation

I - intervention or exposure

C - comparison or intervention(optional)

O - outcome (optional)

There may also be an optional T for type of question, a T for timing (if it is crucial to the question) and an S for the setting (again, if it is crucial to the question).
PICO is most appropriate for CLINICAL questions.

Because PICO is not appropriate for all questions, I prefer to break my questions down by concepts.

Let's try breaking a few searches down for practice.  Please refer to the chat box for a link to a group activity.